Press snapshots of KLJ, 2011

A quick peak at what the media had to say about us last year

International press

  • Tehelka, India
         ’Where the mind is without fear’, 16 September, 2011
  • The Nation, Pakistan

‘ Nepal holds first international literary fest’, 19 September, 2011

  • The Independent, UK

‘Nepal holds first international literary festival’, 19 September, 2001

  • AFP

Nepal holds first international literary festival, 19 September, 2011

  • The Daily Star, Bangladesh

‘At Kathmandu’, 1 October, 2011

  • The Economist, UK

‘Engrossed: The latest in a rash of regional literary festivals’, 17 September, 2011

  • The Strand, BBC World Service

‘Nepal’s first literary festival’, 12 September, 2011

  • The Hindustan Times, India

‘Nepal to host literary festival’, 17 September, 2011

  • The Times of India, India

‘Literary fests new tool of public dimplomacy in South Asia’, 23 May, 2012

Nepali Press

Nepali Times
Kantipur media

The Himalayan Times

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