Kathmandu Literary Jatra 2012

14 June, 2012

November 29 to December 2, 2012, Nepal will host the second edition of its annual international literary festival – the Kathmandu Literary Jatra. The Jatra will provide an effective platform for greater literary and cultural engagement. It will be held in and around the Patan Museum and will host nearly 70 writers, authors, poets, scholars and journalists from Nepal and other countries.  The three days of the Jatra will see a gamut of literary activities, including readings, discussions, lectures, workshops, children’s events, exhibitions, activities and performances in multiple languages for all age groups.

The Kathmandu Literary Jatra’s mission is to provide a free and open platform for creative expression through art and literature that would foster an informed and perceptive community. The Jatra views literature as a powerful tool to promote intercultural exchange and overcome communication barriers through continuous inter-cultural dialogue between a diverse array of people from different ethnicities, nationalities, religions and linguistic groups. In doing so, the festival seeks to invigorate Nepal’s reading culture while promoting Nepali literature, its unique narratives and its multicultural identities on a global stage.

The Kathmandu Literary Jatra will be held under the aegis of Nepal Economic Forum, an independent national organization chaired by Sujeev Shakya. Quixote’s Cove partners with Nepal Economic Forum as creative consultants. Suvani Singh, one of the founders of Quixote’s Cove, is the Festival Director and Namita Gokhale, co-founder of the Jaipur Literature Festival, is the Festival Advisor. The festival’s program is designed in collaboration with a wide group of Nepali writers, scholars and journalists and is managed by Pranab Man Singh, the Program Coordinator, with the assistance of the Program Advisors, Manjushree Thapa, Sanjeev Uprety and Rabi Thapa. The festival has a democratic funding structure that relies on a variety of bilateral, multilateral and corporate sponsors.

Quixote’s Cove provides a range of literary services, manages literary events, and operates a number of bookshop outlets around the valley. More details at: www.qcbookshop.com

Nepal Economic Forum is an independent national organization committed to improving Nepal through engaging all sectors in a partnership to shape national agendas. More details at: www.nepaleconomicforum.org

For more information:

Ruhi Tewari

Festival Manager

Kathmandu Literary Jatra